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Is the club available for special event rentals on weekdays?

Fridays are not available. Mondays are available starting at 4 PM.  Other than that, it is just available Saturdays and Sundays all day.  We have activities and bridge games throughout the week.)

How can I get information about pricing and available dates?

Pricing and other rental specifics and much more can be found on our Facilities page. You can visit our Calendar Page to see if your preferred date is still available.

If I have questions about a special event rental, whom do I contact?

One of our members serves as rental liaison…you’ll find telephone and email contact info. HERE on our Contact page.

I don’t have a bridge partner…can I still play?

Absolutely. We’re here to help visitors and inexperienced players. Contact our Partnership Chair and we’ll team you up with someone.

I’m new to bridge. Can you recommend any resources to help me learn?

You bet. As a matter of fact, we have a lot of useful resources on our Useful Bridge Links page. You can also Contact Us and we can connect you with more experienced players to help you out.

Where do I park for bridge games?

There are a number of parking facilities nearby along with street parking. If you pay to park, The Club will reimburse you up to $7 regardless of which one you choose.

*Check HERE on our Games Page for details on parking reimbursement.